Getting Active & Fit After Gastric Banding

Top Tips For Getting Fit After A Gastric Band

Getting Started 

Before you embark on any exercise programme ensure that your surgeon or GP is happy for you to start exercising.


Walking is the best way to get started and completely free of charge! If your joints can’t handle it be brave and try the swimming pool, or an exercise bike as this will take the pressure off the joints until you have lost more weight.

Plan your exercise programme because unless it fits in with your life you won’t do it. The best is little and often as this is as beneficial as one long exercise session. Try and find a friend to exercise with you, this will help keep you motivated.

Up Your General Activity 

You can burn calories and keep reasonably fit without formally exercising and without even noticing which is great if you are not an exercise enthusiast!


Top Exercise Tips


  • Get out of the lift 1 floor early, avoid escalators and use the stairs.
  • Park a small distance away from your destination and walk rather than try to find a closer parking space.
  • If you are travelling by bus, get off a stop earlier and walk the rest.
  • While watching TV challenge yourself to get moving during the commercial break.
  • Housework burns a lot of energy so count this as a workout and get scrubbing and spring cleaning.
  • Gardening is great exercise plus you benefit from being outside in the fresh air.
  • Avoid energy saving devices as you want to be using energy, not saving it!
  • Climbing the stairs is a great workout and a fantastic energy burner. If you take the challenge to try every second step your legs and bottom will benefit from additional toning.
  • Try and avoid prolonged periods of sitting, take regular breaks to walk around and stretch, this will also help your back and shoulders.



Fun Toning – Wherever and whenever you can!


  • Brushing Teeth Squats – Squat as you brush. Lower your bottom in line with your knees and hold on to the sink if needed. Repeat 10 – 20 repetitions.
  • Worktop Press Ups – Stand with your feet approximately 1 metre away from the top and place your hands on the counter top. Bend your elbows to lower your chest towards the top of the counter then push away to straighten the elbows.
  • Washing Up Balance or Shaving Balance – Stand on one foot and hold as long as possible. Switch foot and repeat- this is great for legs, abdominal and lower back strengthening.


Gradually make exercise part of your regular routine, when you start to feel and see the difference it will motivate and inspire you to continue plus you will reap the rewards of the health benefits and enhance weight loss. Try and work out outside perhaps join a community group and make it a social event!

People exercising



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